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   I don’t know about you, but It seems as though things are changing by the hour in response to COVID-19.  Early on Monday we had a meeting and felt ready and excited to move forward based on the recommendation of gatherings being 50 people or less. No sooner had we finished our meeting and that had changed to 10 people or less. We are doing our best to keep up with these changes so we can make wise and informed decisions for Traverse. Amidst all these changes, this I know, God never changes and He will provide all we need.  In moments like these, it’s easy for us to lose sight of who is in control and where we should draw our hope from.  In the days and weeks to come, I want to encourage you not to spend as much time watching the news, but instead, spend that time praying and seeking God for His wisdom and peace.  One of the songs I find myself playing over and over is “Stand in Your Love”. The lyrics say, “My fear doesn’t stand a chance when I stand in Your love”.  Although there are fearful things going on, we don’t have to live or stand in that fear when we have a loving and mighty God in control!

     After a great deal of prayer and discussion, we have decided to postpone “in person” church services until further notice or until they lift the recommendation of no gatherings over 10 people.  We want to adhere to the Weld County Department of Health recommendations and as a church, be responsible and above reproach. 

     That being said, we will continue with our online services on Sundays at 9 & 10:30am.  I encourage you to attend one of these services with your family each week.  Also, please comment and let us know you are watching, interact with the lesson, post encouraging comments or needs you might have and ask questions.  We are working on additional ways to connect us via Social Media and other platforms so we can remain a family during this time.  I am excited about how we are approaching this obstacle and how it is making us do church differently.  The church is more than the four walls we meet in.  The church is YOU!  So I am excited to see how we can come together as “the church” to connect and serve each other and our community and social media is going to be a big part of the way we do that.  If you don’t have a social media account, don’t worry.  You will still be able to interact with us by a link we will send in an email.

     You might be saying, “I could really use some in-person, people time”.  We still have our Crews.  I would encourage you, if everyone feels comfortable, to continue to meet.  I know several of our Crews are going to continue meeting during this time.  If you aren’t in a Crew this is a good time to get connected with one, so if you have any questions about our Crews, let me know.  

     Although we aren’t meeting together on Sundays, we as a staff and leadership and here for you.  We pray for you every day! Over the coming days and weeks we will be reaching out to each of you and your families to check in.  If you need anything please let us know.  There will regularly be staff at the Ice House, if you need to see us or want to stop by.  We don’t want you to feel alone or isolated.  It important that we stay as connected as possible.

     We, as a staff, want to stay connected with you throughout the week. Mark your calendars with the Social media calendar times below and join us each day of the week.  We will be posting fun, engaging and spiritual questions for you to interact with such as your favorite scripture or describe your house right now with only emojis or gifs.  Each night, we will have church-wide “online events” so we can see and talk with each other via the internet. On the day that we have an online event we will post on Facebook and email a link for you to join. The link will most likely be a Zoom link that will allow you to interact and see everyone on the call.  Make sure you use your phone or a computer with a camera. These events will start next week on Sunday, March 22nd.  

Social Media Schedule

Sunday - 9 & 10:30 Online services on our website, Facebook and Youtube
Monday - Kids Ministry night - Join Olivia for a story time or lesson for your kids
Tuesday - Traverse Hang Out - If you need to see and interact with other people this is a night to check in to see how everyone is doing
Wednesday - Mid week Devotion - Join us as we share a short message
Thursday - Prayer night - Join us as we pray for each other and our community
Friday - Student Ministry night - On this night Aaron and Karmen will interact with our Students
Saturday - We will have an engaging question for you to answer

     We will continue to keep you updated on what is going on and what we are doing as a church.  If you have any questions about why we made certain decisions or need help to stay connected please let us know.

We love you and let's stay connected,
     Traverse Staff and Leadership

Welcome to Traverse

Welcome! As you explore our website, and consider worshipping with us, we hope you realize we are a group of ordinary people with struggles and faults on a path to live sold out for an extraordinary God! If you are looking for a perfect church with perfect people, we are not it. We do real, and real isn't always pretty! In the midst of doing life together - real life - we strive to grow closer to God and fiercely love Him and others. We are here to answer your questions and assist you on your spiritual walk. 

We look forward to meeting you!

Location: 810 Automation Dr. Windsor, CO 80550

Service Times: 9:00 & 10:30 am Sunday Mornings

Our Mission

We exist to help as many people cross-over from death to life in Christ.


To live a transformed life that fiercely loves Jesus and others.


UNHINDERED is a two-year generosity journey that we will make together so that we can resource and fulfill the vision that God has given us for Traverse.

Through UNHINDERED we will continue to do all the amazing ministry that we do now, but we will also now actively plan and resource for the future of Traverse. God is opening, and will continue to open, doors of opportunities for us and we need to be ready and equipped to be able to respond as they come. But for all of this to be a reality it will require that we each seek and depend on the Lord like never before. We will each need to examine what sacrifices we can make and bring those before the Lord for UNHINDERED. In order for us, as a ministry, to enter into what God has for us we must each be UNHINDERED!

Learn more about UNHINDERED