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WEEKLY Student Ministry

Meeting Times

Middle School - Sunday Nights 5:00-6:30pm

High School - Sunday Nights 6:30-8pm


Windsor Charter Academy Middle/High School

810 Automation Dr. Windsor CO, 80550

Weekly Topics

3.1.20 - Doubt It Series - "God Doesn't Shame Us"

3.8.20 - Doubt It Series - "Our Questions Don't Always Get Answered"

3.15.20 - Doubt It Series - "Godly People Can Help Us With Our Questions"


3.29.20 - EPIC NIGHT, Combined Game Night, Parents please attend

Maranatha Moolah

Our largest summer camp fundraiser takes place during the month of March. Maranatha Moolah is a simple fundraiser to help send as many of our teens to camp as possible. 

How It Works:

1. Visit the Maranatha Moolah wall any week in March in the lobby. 

2. Choose any envelope labeled 1-100 from the wall. 

3. Whatever number you choose, place at least that amount of cash inside the envelope, and drop in the Box at the Moolah Wall.

- Example: Envelope #6 = $6, Envelope 82 = $82

4. Some envelopes will contain thank you gifts from our youth group

This simple fundraiser is highly successful and will fully fund 14 campers this summer if 100 people choose to donate $1-$100. 

March 29th @ 6pm EPIC NIGHT

All students and parents of students are invited to EPIC NIGHT.  Come enjoy a night of fun, food and games. Parents are invited to this event once a quarter so we can share with you any updates within the ministry as well as what we have been and will be studying on Sunday nights. 


  • Aaron Bower - student director