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Thank you for your interest in auditioning to be a part of Traverse Worship!

We are looking for people with a heart to serve our church that will fit well into the Traverse Worship culture as we strive to be God-Centered, Biblical, Joyful, Relevant, Creative, and Excellent in the way we worship

To start the process of joining the team, fill out our online application here and submit a video of yourself playing or singing. What we are looking for in the video is a simple recording of you playing or singing the song required for your instrument. When we review the video, we are looking to see if the applicant can comfortably represent the style in the original recording. Upload your video to either YouTube or Vimeo and provide the link as you are filling out the form. Please select “unlisted” in your privacy settings so that only those you share the link with can view it.

After the application and the recording are submitted, you will be contacted within a week about whether or not you will be moved to the next phase in the process for an in-person audition and brief interview. If you have questions through this process, feel free to email our worship ministry leader Chris Schlender.

Audition songs

Below are the songs applicants are required to prepare and play for the audition video. You MUST be able to consistently play/sing to a click and track to be considered as a part of the Traverse Worship Team. Vocalists, please choose one song from the melody list, and one song from the harmony list to sing for your audition. Instrumentalists, please play BOTH songs for your audition. You can do them in the same video, or in two separate videos.


Melody: Made Alive by Citizens OR Love Changes Everything by Red Rocks Worship

Harmony: More by Red Rocks Worship OR Our Father by Bethel


MelodyKing of My Heart by Bethel OR More by Red Rocks Worship

Harmony: O Come to the Altar by Elevation Worship OR Made Alive by Citizens


King of My Heart by Bethel AND Love Changes Everything by Red Rocks Worship


You Make Me Brave by Bethel AND King of My Heart by Bethel

BASS /// 

King of My Heart by Bethel AND Made Alive by Citizens


Great Are You Lord by All Songs and Daughters