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The story of Traverse Christian Church starts back in 2002 when Patrick and Hannah Lightfoot bought their first home in Windsor with the goal to get back to Fort Collins as soon as possible. However God had much different plans!

God used Journey Christian Church in Greeley, Colorado, to help grow their faith, and it's where He eventually called them to leave their sales careers of 12 years to go into full-time ministry. Patrick served as the Adult Minister at Journey 4 years before following God’s call to plant Traverse.

We are acutely aware that a large portion of our community does not have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ or a church they call home. Marriages and families are in desperate need of transformative relationships with Jesus. For those reasons, we know that we have to plant a church in Windsor.

We firmly believe that someone's forever is at stake in Windsor, and it is our job as ambassadors of Christ to bring this restorative love to our community and because of this burden we planted Traverse in December of 2015.